Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 250ml

Product Description
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Mild cleansing oil that is gentle to skin while removing the heaviest of makeup without a trace! Cleansing oil that melts off sebum and blackheads while mugwort extracts refine the pores.


1. Natural Virgin Coconut Oil
Excellent cleansing agent made from virgin coconut oil has the ability to remove heavy and water-resistant makeup easily

2. Mugwort Extracts
Mugwort extracts contains natural stimulating agents that gently clean out pores

3. Blackheads And Excessive Sebum Are Melted Away
As the oil consistency is a similar structure to our natural sebum, it helps to remove blackheads and excessive sebum by melting them away with the aid of using a gentle cotton pad

4. Ophthalmologically Tested
Removes eye makeup without worrying about irritation!

Especially For:

* Those who enjoy wearing heavy or oil based make up
* Those looking for a product that is easy to massage and is refreshing
* Those in need of extra care for sebum and blackheads

How To Use:


Pump the product 2-3 times on dry palm and massage on dry face for 30 seconds. Pump once more and thoroughly massage on places with blackheads (sides of the nose, both cheeks, etc.).

Gently add lukewarm water and massage the face for another 30 seconds.
Wash face thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Use a gentle toner to thoroughly cleanse any remaining impurities.

Laneige cleansing oils come in a variety so that you can choose the right remover for you. 

How To Use:



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