Laneige Homme Active Water Skin Toner 180ml

Product Description
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Active Water Plus toner contains zinc to provide your skin with mineral-rich deep-sea water while helping to softening and soothing rough skin texture by filling it with a surge of moisture for a refreshing sensation.

1. Moisture care to keep skin hydrated after cleansing.
2. Removes dead skin cells yet still soothing for your skin.
3. Charges skin with moisture containing Active Water.

How To Use:

Take an adequate amount onto the palms after washing your face in the morning and evening, then gently tap onto your face and neck.

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Active Water Plus With Zinc 

This zinc-containing cleanser vitalizes and boost skin energy for cell growth while protecting your skin.

Minerals From Deep Seawater
With deep seawater rich in minerals, it charges skin your skin with moisture and strengthens skin barrier, keeping skin healthy, well-moisturized and revitalized.

Anti-Dryness™ Strong Moisture Care Technology
Laneige Homme's patented Anti-Dryness™ technology is a dual structure feature that provides moisture to skin and prevents the evaporation of skin's moisture.

Non sticky and light. Skin feels moisturized.

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