Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream Mask 60ml

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Cooling & Soothing Care/ Cream & Mask - Multi Care Beauty

This highly hydrating gel cream helps soften, plump and moisturize your skin while forming a moist protective layer to prevent your skin from drying out and relieves irritated skin.

With Jeju lava-seawater that contains nutrient abundant anti aging minerals while also calming your skin- it’s texture feels like a cool sherbet when used straight from the freezer.

For extra hydration or cooling effects*, you can use it add it to your routine as a face mask.  
*This product will retain its original state even below freezing point of -18℃ ~ -20℃.
It can be stored at room temperature, but to use as a mask it is recommended to store in the freezer.

How To Use:

At the last step of your routine, apply gently over face and neck.
Pat lightly to be absorbed.

As a mask:
From freezer, apply onto face and neck using the spatula provided.
Apply a thin layer and let the cooling gel cream melt into your skin.
Pat into skin before sleep.

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