Innisfree Dual Pore Cleansing Brush 109g

Product Description
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This tool has 2 sides to effectively achieve your best daily skin care regimen!

The ultra fine brush side is super soft with thin bristles to clear impurities, while the silicone brush works to remove blackheads and dead skin cells from your pores.   The silicone brush can also be used to massage your lymphatic glands to stimulate blood circulation and relieve swelling.

These brush bristles were designed to produce a rich lather, but to also easily dry after use.

How To Use:

1. Before cleansing, wet the ultrafine brush side and rub with your hands to create a sufficient amount of foam.
2. Gently cleanse your face using circular motions with the brush.
3. For areas that require intensive care (such as flaky skin or blackheads), gently massage the area using the silicone brush. *Excessive force may irritate the skin. Take caution when rubbing.
4. Rinse the foam off with lukewarm water until the foam is completely washed off.
5. Squeeze the water from the brush and keep it upright to dry.

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