Mamonde Flower Honey Toner 250 ml

Mamonde Flower Honey Toner 250 ml



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Essence like toner with the texture of nourishing honey that provides elasticity and hydration to your skin.

With its intense concentrate of the Flower Honey™ and buckwheat flower extract, along with Propolis extract (compound produced by bees thought to fight infections, heal wounds, and more), this toner helps to strengthens the skin moisture barrier with its high viscosity while tending to your skins needs that has become dehydrated during harsh cleansing or by your exposure to daily elements.

How To Use:

After cleansing, gently apply using your fingers working upwards and outwards.
Tap lightly to assist absorbption.
Use in the morning and evening.

Try the different toners we have to suit your skin type:

Flower Honey Toner
Essence toner with the texture and efficacy of nourishing honey that provides elasticity and nourishment to the skin.

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Rose water toner contains 90.97% rose water, instead of regular water, for more soothing hydration with each swipe.

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Pore cleaning toner that contains both heartleaf tincture and west coast mud with a powerful ability to absorb sebum so the skin will look matte, not oily.


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