Our Story

Dear K Beauty Friends,

The idea began when I wanted to find a simple one stop shop to easily access natural beauty skincare products and found there to be a lot of products online or in stores – but, it was scattered, hard to understand the applications or to find information and to purchase when needed.  I desperately wanted to find what were the best products that really worked (and stop using what didn’t!) for my face- which can be one or all skin types at any given time.

As I had been travelling for more than a decade for work to different cities and climates, I was searching for an easy routine to soothe my tired, sensitive, dry and always irritated skin. Did I mention aging?

After years of trying and testing all types of skin care out in the market, I gradually started to notice (as did others!) that by using a skin care routine with K beauty products, I had visibly softer, supple and smoother skin. 

Not only were the products delivering the results they promised, it was comforting to know that I was applying the safest grade and most natural ingredients that were gentler (in scent too) to my sensitive skin.

Korean skin care- or ‘K beauty’ has had a long loyal following because of the belief that beauty starts from within whether it by healthy clean eating, workouts and getting sleep, and this alongside your K beauty skincare routine – will help you to put your best face forward to achieve clear healthy naturally beautiful skin.

Let’s also use this platform as a comfy space where anyone can come and learn the dutiful cleansing methods and moisturizing routines but in a simple, uncomplicated way. 

As I’ll be regularly updating tips and new finds, I’m happy to help you get your healthy glow from inside and out- so let’s start together here!