Laneige White Dew Milky Cleanser 150ml

Laneige White Dew Milky Cleanser 150ml


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Product Description

Can skin be filled with clear light continuously like dew?

For dewy radiant skin, moisture whitening “White Dew” Line with Mela-Vita Crusher™ is a patented whitening technology that has a:

1. Powerful Spot And Uneven Skin Tone Whitening Effect
The synergy of Mela-Vita Crusher™ and patented Saururus Chinensis Extract improves dark spots and uneven skin tone by filling melanocytes with moisture
*Saururus chinensis Effect Patent No.: 10-0774437 B1 (2007.11.01)

2. Moisture Whitening With Phyto Sugar Water
The glycol component of Phyto Sugar Water replenishes moisture to the skin for a more hydrated and brightened effect

3. Mild Whitening
Gently brightens skin all over with plant-derived extracts

Key Points
1. Low-viscosity milky gel texture lathers into creamy foam leaving face clean and refreshed
2. Contains cleansing ingredients derived from amino acids which is a natural component of the skin, providing a moisturized finish to skin after cleansing

Moisture whitening with White Dew Synergy effect of Mela-Vita Crusher™ and Phyto Sugar Water for clearer, brighter and dewy glowing skin

Water Science TV Gets Clearer Through White Dew

How To Use

1) Dispense an amount about 2 cm in diameter onto the palm and lather by rubbing with lukewarm water
2) When foam is fully generated, gently cleanse the face in a massaging circular motion
3) Wash off with lukewarm water

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